The Streatham Society is a local amenity which represents a large community of residents in the London Borough of Lambeth.  The purpose and aims of the Society are to raise the awareness and appreciation of our local area and to maintain and improve the quality of life for all who live and work in Streatham. The Society recognises and values the diversity of people living in Streatham and the multi-cultural nature of our community.

The society endeavours to represent and to advocate the interests of Streatham at relevant meetings, panels, committees and forums, to inform and empower local people regarding planning and development issues in Streatham and to promote high standards of planning and architecture. It aims to encourage and support local involvement in the process of conservation and improvement of Streatham’s historical and environmental heritage. The Streatham Society aims to follow the best practices in pursuit of its purposes and aims.

The Society, formed in 1974, is an active and successful amenity group. It has a strong membership and has an annual programme of meetings and events. The Society engages with other local groups and organisations involved in local issues and events, as well as working with Lambeth Borough Council, particularly on planning and environmental issues.  The Society holds two meetings a month, with the main meeting mainly focusing on local issues. The Local History Group holds the other meeting. Both have their own programme of talks and events. Both meetings are well supported with input and help from members. The Society also produces a bi-monthly newsletter, the ‘Pump’. This carries various articles on local issues, such as planning, environment, heritage, regeneration, plus information about the society’s meetings, events and publications.  The Society also maintains a bookstall, selling publications relating to Streatham.

The Society has over 400 members.  The annual subscription  is renewable on the 1st January each year. Membership includes the postal delivery of the Society's regular Newsletter which provides a useful update on all that is happening in Streatham. If you are interested in joining y
ou can e-mail the Society at with details of your address and telephone number and we will send you an application form through the post.  Alternatively you can write directly to the Membership Secretary at 125, Thornlaw Road, West Norwood SE27 0SQ. The annual subscription rate, payable by cheque made out to the Streatham Society, is £10 for individuals, £15 for a household and £180 for life membership. Further details, if required are available from Brian Bloice on 020 8764 8314.

For a general introduction to the area see About Streatham and a Brief Look at Streatham's History

If you wish to contact the Streatham Society, please email
The Streatham Society
The Rookery Centenary Celebration on Saturday 13 July is being organised by the Friends of Streatham Common and details can be found on their website, rather than this website for the Streatham Society.
Please see or their Facebook page or Twitter@Rookery100